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Peppered Cottons By Pepper Cory for Studio e are 100% shot cotton fabrics that almost fall into the solid color category. It is an ideal fabric for patchwork, boro inspired stitching, and sashiko where a lighter weight fabric is wanted (perfect with 4-ply and 3-ply fine sashiko threads). This listing is for shade #00 lake, a delicate greyed out pale blue. Designed by USA quilter Pepper Cory, who is also a sashiko enthusiast. Watch her presentation about this gorgeous fabric range here on YouTube. Pepper has been an internet 'pen pal' for many years, and I'm delighted to start selling her cottons online. I love these fabrics because they are so similar to some of the cotton linings used in early C20th kimono in my collection - I can enjoy the beautiful colour intensity and softness of the cotton without having to start unpicking my precious vintage kimono! Win win!

The term shot means that the weft is shot through the warp, using a different color thread. Because the warp (lengthwise threads) and the weft (side to side threads) are different colors, the resulting shades are muted and variable combinations of the original colors. For instance, a black warp thread plus a blue weft thread woven together makes for a very dark blue such as Ink color# 45. When a fabric like Ink is viewed from different angles, the blues and blacks produce subtly different visual effects.

Above all, shot cottons have a tactile hand-woven quality and display deep colors well since all threads are dyed prior to weaving. There is no wrong or right side to shot cottons--a plus for quilt-makers.

Peppered Cottons have a slightly shiny, 'calendered' finish fresh from the bolt, which disappears when washed - the fabrics become more matte and the colours seem even more intense.

110cm (43in) wide (approx).


100% cotton

Made in India

NB - sold by the half metre, so order '2' for 1 metre, '3' for 1.5m etc.

#00 lake Peppered Cotton - per 1/2m

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