I'm home but still posting...

July 31, 2015

I got so busy while I was in China, there wasn't much time to post anything here.  Now I'm home, I'm adding posts to my usual blog, but I'll put some pictures and information here, so my Chinese friends can read it.



I flew with China Southern from Amsterdam to Beijing and took a third flight from Beijing to Guiyang city.  This is the plane for the main flight.  I arrived in Beijing to very heavy skies and there had been thunderstorms, which meant my final flight was cancelled, so the airline switched me to the next one (and I got an upgrade!)  Angel and her friend Sarah met me at Guiyang airport and we drove to Kaili city.The amount of new development going on in Kaili was very impressive.  Our hotel, the Kaili Grand Metropark Hotel, looked very new and was surrounded by new development sites.  It was modern but many of the architectural details echoed traditional Miao houses in the area, such as this lighting grid which was similar to the post and beam construction seen in the houses.  I wish I could have got photos of places we drove past on our way into Kaili, but from the motorway, that would have been difficult.


The lobby incorportated a lot of decorative details from Miao designs, like these silver scrolls and neckpiece motifs.