Teaching in Guizhou Province in China, July 2015

July 3, 2015

Teaching in Guizhou Province in China, July 2015


I am making a special trip to China to teach beginner's machine patchwork and quilting as part of the Earth Diary Project, which aims to give disabled Miao minority women skills to earn a living.  While I'm in China, I won't be able to post to my blog, as it is hosted by Blogger (aka Google) and there's no access from China.  So I'll be posting here instead.


Now I've just got to get the hang of a different blog posting system!


As well as four days teaching on the project, CEO Angel Yao has asked me to bring some of my quilts to include in a local crafts exhibition.  I am planning to take the Denman Kannon - Guan Yin.  The image of the koi carp is from a print by Hokusai, but the image of Guan Yin was redrawn from various Chinese paintings and illustrations.